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Granny's Recipes...Made Healthier!

Join us January 29th at 11am to learn more about making a classic recipe healthier

For some of us, our grandma's are the best cook in the world. She makes all the classics the best--apple pie, lasagna, pancakes, and more. But are her classic recipes really the healthiest option for you? What if you could have those delicious recipes tweaked to make them better for your health?


During this class, our dietitian, Carol Landis, will be demonstrating how to make one of granny's recipes into a healthy dish.

Samples will follow!

If you would like to attend, call and make your reservation at 724-841-0980 x110

Please leave your name and how many will be attending. All classes at the Community Health Center are open to everyone!

Feel free to bring a recipe to share that Carol could help you make healthier.

Written by Cara Burns

CHC Intern

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