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Classes & Events

All classes & events are FREE and open to EVERYONE!

(you do not have to be a clinic patient to participate)

Contact Linda Reichart with any questions:

724-841-0980 x110

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit
ABC's of Pre-Diabetic or Diabetic Management

ABC Diabetes Management


                     Blood Pressure                                             Cholesterol

Learn how to meal Plan, and  Carbohydrate Count! 

Online Classes are  available!



Linda Reichart

724-841-0980 x 110


Community Health Center

103 Bonnie Dr. Butler, PA 16002


Festive Dinner
Do you Need to Lose?

Do You Need to Lose is a 6 week self-monitoring weight-loss program.

This program helps you build a foundation to start healthy habits. Self-monitoring is critical for the success of lifestyle changes,  

Did you know that losing just 10% of your body weight can improve your blood pressure, decrease your blood glucose, reduce your cholesterol, minimize asthma symptoms, etc?


That is just a few reasons why the National Institute of Health recommends a weight loss goal of 10% of your body weight as a great place to start. 


It takes 21 days to develop a habit.


Sign up now to start building your healthy habits!

To start the classes email:

or call 

 Linda Reichart 724-841-0980 ext. 110

Stop smoking for good.png
Smoking Cessation Classes

Need support to help you stop smoking?


 Keystone Wellness Programs 

Will be having classes online.  

.Virtual nicotine cessation classes are now being offered! There's no better time to QUIT than TODAY!



Or contact Mandi at or 724-432-3474 x4


​Or call Linda Reichart, RN

at 724-841-0980 x110 for more information.


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