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Behavioral Health

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Behavioral Health

Your behavioral health is an important part of your overall health. Just as you would monitor your physical health, a behavioral health check-up is just as important.


Our goal is to keep behavioral health treatment accessible in our community. As a Volunteers-in-Medicine clinic, there is never a charge for the services or medications provided by CHC.


The behavioral health services that we provide are limited to anxiety and depression. Working with the individual patient, a treatment plan is determined and medication is prescribed and monitored as warranted and needed.

Many of our patients are going through a transition in life or seeking better behavioral health for themselves - we see ourselves as the bridge to help.


If you are uninsured, are seeking behavioral health treatment and we can be of help to you, please give us a call - 724-841-0980


* Please note - we do not have and we do not prescribe narcotics

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