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Internship Opportunities 


Volunteering at the health center as an intern you are able to choose what aspect interests you most and we will be able to teach you all we know. Our hope with our interns is to try to teach them as much as they teach us!


At our health center we offer many different services. This allows our interns to get involved and experience all aspects of a functioning health center.


Butler County has many different services across the community. Our interns will be able to attend meetings and see how all of these services interact to help each other while helping those within the community

"The approach that this clinic takes to care for its patients is so all-encompassing, that going "above and beyond" doesn't even begin to accurately describe it. From the practitioners and educators, to the volunteers and clerical staff, everyone here owns the mission of helping those in need in any way they can."  -Nathaniel, 2020 intern

"The summer I spent at the health center will be something I carry with me no matter where I go in life. The staff here are amazing, they are truly so selfless and only want to help with nothing in return. I have gotten to learn so much from this experience and I met so many inspirational people along the way!"  -Paige, 2021 intern

"Throughout my time here at the Jean B. Purvis Community Health Clinic I was given the opportunity to learn how a variety of different occupations worked together as a team to support one end goal: the health of their community. Being able to work in an underserved community health center that is usually overlooked by many was an eye-opening experience." -Carrie, 2021 intern

The health center has hosted interns from the following schools:


If you or your school is interested in working with the health center please contact us for more information!

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