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UPMC Mobile Derm & the Community Health Center addresses disparities in skin health

Your skin helps to regulate body temperature, boosts body immunity and provides sensation. It is our body's barrier against disease and infection. As such, it is important to remember to protect skin and keep it healthy. Protecting skin includes keeping it moisturized, seeing a dermatologist for any concerns and using sunscreen. 

The Community Health Center has partnered with UPMC Mobile Derm and Dr. Alaina J. James to provide dermatology services. 

To improve access to dermatological services, Dr. James, Pitt medical students and UPMC dermatology residents are doing outreach to community health centers. 

Dr. James wants people to remember that "their role in skin health - gentle hair and nail care, noting concerning skin lesions, rashes or non-healing wounds, as well as guarding against UV exposure - is essential". 

If you have a concerns, call the Community Health Center today to schedule for our next UPMC Mobile Derm day - 724-841-0980.

To schedule an appointment or for more information.

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