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A Volunteer-Powered Solution to the Health Care Crisis


The clinic provides free outpatient primary medical care, preventive medical services, referrals for specialized services, referrals to other agencies when appropriate, and free medications when possible.


Our goal is to provide quality basic dentistry including preventative, restorative dental care and oral education at no cost. We care for patients who have no dental insurance or have limited dental coverage. 


Your behavioral health is an important part of your overall health. Just as you would monitor your physical health, a behavioral health check-up is just as important.


80% of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight - one of our most important senses. By protecting your eyes, you can reduce the chance of blindness, vision loss, glaucoma and cataracts. 


Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It is important to protect your skin, The Center has partnered with UPMC Mobile Derm to provide dermatological services to the uninsured. 

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Our Mission

To provide primary integrated healthcare services for neighbors in Butler County and surrounding communities.

Our Vision

We will serve as a vital link in the local healthcare network by providing skilled and compassionate medical and dental care as we partner with other community resources to facilitate healing and hope for those who seek our help.

Our Staff

The majority of our caregivers, both lay and professional, are volunteers.

Who we are

The Community Health Center of  Butler County (CHC) is a




Health Clinic


We are a Volunteers-in-Medicine (VIM) clinic offering primary medical care, basic dental care, behavioral health services and health &  wellness education.


The philosophy of CHC and of all VIM clinics promotes a “culture of caring”, emphasizing the use of medical and non-medical volunteers, recognizing that healing begins when patients are treated with dignity and respect.


Our patients are individuals aged 19-64 that are uninsured. We serve our patients until our services are no longer needed or until we’re able to connect the patient to health insurance options and other needed community resources. 


There is never a charge for any of the services provided by CHC.

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