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2008 - 2018

About Community Health Center

Celebrating 12 years of service to the Butler Community - the Community Health Clinic of Butler County has officially become The Jean B Purvis Community Health Center. 

The Community Health Clinic of Butler County was founded by Jean Purvis, the wife of a doctor here in Butler. While on vacation in Hilton Head, South Carolina, Jean saw an ad in the local paper, “Thank you for a day of caring - Volunteers in Medicine”. The ad sparked her curiosity. Jean visited the Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) clinic. There she learned about Dr. Jack McConnell and how he founded the first VIM clinic in the country.

Dr. McConnell found that many people living on Hilton Head Island had no access to health care or to medications. Wondering why no one did anything about the problem, Dr. McConnell quickly realized that HE should be that someone. Dr. McConnell recruited retired doctors, nurses and other volunteers to provide health care services to those in need at no cost. The first Volunteers in Medicine opened on Hilton Head in 1994 and has been a successful model for many other clinics across the country - 94 as of April 2021!

Community Health Center of Butler County (CHC) is happy to be a part of the VIM model! CHC is a Non-Profit, Volunteer-Powered, Community Funded Health Clinic. The philosophy of CHC is to promote a “culture of caring” emphasizing the use of medical and non-medical volunteers, recognizing that healing begins when patients are treated with dignity and respect. As a Volunteers In Medicine clinic, CHC never charges for any services provided by the clinic. 

CHC provides primary medical care including basic dental care, behavioral health care and medications to individuals in our community that are uninsured or underinsured – having limited benefits.


The services we provide at CHC are made possible by many, many dedicated volunteers – doctors, nurses, dentists, hygienists, educators, dietitians, social workers, clerical staff, etc. and the generosity of our community and donors. Our goal is to provide primary healthcare services - services that are needed to keep our patients healthy so they can care for their families, continue to work and be productive members of the community.

The majority of our caregivers, both lay and professional are volunteers.

Medical Director

Dr. Michele Mikolajczak

Director of Clinical Services

Chris Cassioli, FNP-C

Operations Staff
Executive Director

Kimberly Reamer

Dental Manager

Tina Donofrio

Dental Hygienist

Lauren Dowling, RDH

Volunteer Pharmacist

Larry Hibbs, Rph

Director of Development

Jim Cunningham

Director of Operations

Linda Thoma

Director of Health and Wellness

Linda Reichart

Administrative Assistant

Terri Edgar

Office Manager

Julie Fitzpatrick


Our Board of Directors

Executive Committee

David Konesni, President of Nicholas Enterprise

Vice President

Jim Cunningham, Senior Consultant, GSB Fundraising


Ernie Francestine, North Pittsburgh Telephone, retired


Sue Switzer, Registered Nurse and Insurance Executive, retired

Nursing Administrator

Natalie McKay, Assistant Administrator

Concordia Lutheran Ministries


Larry Hibbs, RPh, retired

Founding Board Member
Jean B. Purvis


Jean Burchinal Purvis

January 28, 1922 - May 31, 2020


Board Members
Dr. William DiCuccio

Physician, Retired

The Reverend James Dollhopf

Lutheran Pastor, Retired

Darren Machak, DO


BHS Primary Care, Butler Medical Associates

Ruth Purcell

Executive Director

BC3 Education Foundation

Morgan Rizzardi

Associate Director of Admissions 

Butler County Community College

Heather Thomas

Vice President,

Senior SBA Business Development Officer

Huntington National Bank

The Reverend Kimberly van Driel

First English Lutheran, Pastor

Ex-Officio Board Members
Judge Marilyn Horan

United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania